I studied in a private school the art of Graphic Design and i was working for
eleven years and with the encouragement of friends i started to
enter in the photography by designing photo albums.

The same friends gave me a camera so i can go with them and learn how to
tell the story of a wedding on a proper way. That was the beginning
of an exciting new career for me which last until today.

Somewhere in the middle of this area i started doing some video and later on this area
took my mind because i could create a story of a couple with moving pictures and sound.
Now i have created a team to capture all the details and the love for your special day
with each story to be unique as you are!!!

I’m based at Heraklion of Crete but i do destination weddings all over Greece trying
to match your lovely day together with the place you choose to come and have fun
with your friends and family.